Wedding Themes Go Back to Glamour

Published: 27th March 2007
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The 1950's represent everything glamorous and romantic and such themes are making a comeback in 2007 and 2008 weddings.

Maybe you are too young to remember the first time around, but that shouldn't hold you back. Many of our experiences of the 50's have been through the media and our parents and grandparents, so get them involved in possible.

Getting a 50's flavour into your big day is quite easy and actually quite a lot of fun!

If you want to get the 50's glamour into your big day - focus on these ideas and you can't really go wrong.

Firstly, the invitation is the first idea that guests will have about what wedding style you are having, so it is important to get this right. Polka dots, stripes, lace, ribbons and pearls are all 50's flashbacks along with glamorous black and white photographs. Centre your wedding invite design around one of these key areas. If you are having your invitations made especially for you, share your theme ideas with your stationer who will probably be able to help you with a design.

When it comes to your groom, straight leg trousers and coloured suits would fit the bill perfectly. This may mean that you need to shop around in vintage clothes shops in order to find exactly what you are looking for. If this is not for you, keep your man in keeping with everyone else by insisting on lashings of Brylcream on his hair!

As far as dresses are concerned, your bridesmaids should be in knee length dresses with full skirts with a little bit of net petticoat cheekily poking out from under the hem. Ideally, dresses should be belted and hair should be scooped back in a bouncy ponytail. Whatever your upbringing and however fantastic your legs are, it is never elegant for a bride to show her legs. You can incorporate the 50's style in a more subtle manner. Pearls and lace are daringly vintage, so a lace gown or lace shawl over a silk gown will be enough for you. Alternatively, anything with a bow on it is classed as very much this era. Best advice though, is to keep the gown long and elegant.

Anything elegant is archetypical for this époque so try to add some elegant accessories somewhere in your big day. For example, long gloves are oh so cute as well as very vintage. Bows were big too around this time, so anything that has a bow on it is perfect. Bows on dresses, bows on shoes, bows on handbags, bows on your wedding favour boxes and bows on invitations.

Remember those dancing feet!

Elegant footwear is also central to creating this look successfully. Cutesy kitten heels were all the rage in the 50's so encourage bridesmaids to wear them to complete the look with their short dresses.

Jewellery should once again focus on glamour - pearls are fabulous and look great. Pearls and nets can be incorporated into vintage style hair decorations. These look sensational with high fronted backcombed hairstyles on which decorative pieces sit perfectly.

Pearls and nets are also ideal accessories for your wedding cake. The 50's saw an explosion in totally elaborate and completely over the top wedding cakes. There is no such thing as too much decoration on a vintage wedding cake, so make sure you go to town.

You should also think about the venue where you intend to wed. Wherever it may be, it absolutely has to have a large, relatively central dancefloor when your guests can celebrate the best way they know how. Speak with the hotel or location holding your reception; they may be able to arrange for vintage table linen, or older style tables and chairs to be used rather than modern ones. These will give your reception an old fashioned and elegant feel - certainly in keeping with your theme!

When planning your evening entertainment, get a band who are familiar with lots of 50's style jiving. Ensure they play lots of tracks that will get your family and friends up on the dance floor having a jive and a bop. Your first dance song has to be a Sinatra number or another rat pack favourite to get guests in the mood.

There is no need to get all of the above into your 1950's style wedding unless you really want to. Simply by introducing a few key items to the day may suffice to give your guests the elegant, glamorous and fun 50's themed wedding they were expecting.

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jorjaclare on August 31, 2011 said:
One of the most popular themes for weddings at the moment is vintage. Whether you want to choose 20s, 30s, 40s, 50,s or 60s there are many resources available to make sure that everything ties in together with your chosen wedding theme.
Marie on September 14, 2011 said:
This sounds like such a glamourous idea for a wedding. What a great theme that will actually look spectacular on the day. Its a bit different to an ordinary wedding to make it all that more special.

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